45 Chorale Preludes of the Old Masters


45 Chorale Preludes of the Old Masters

45 Chorale Preludes of the Old Masters edited by Hermann by Collection

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45 Chorale Preludes of the Old Masters by a Collection.  Most do not require pedal; includes 18 suitable for Christmas. This selection of shorter and easier chorale preludes is designed to supplement Karl Straube’s ’45 Chorale Preludes of the Old Masters’ (EP3048), especially for use in church. We therefore selected only those pieces which can be used today – transposed, where necessary, to more suitable keys. In the case of important chorales, several treatments were included, sometimes in more than one key. Musical value was the primary factor of selection, but, where possible, preferance was given to compositions not generally available elsewhere. Of the 80 pieces, 24 require the pedals; 33 do not use them; in 23, they are optional. Thus the collection offers rich material for organists at all stages of development. (Hermann Keller, Stuttgart, September 1937). Edited by Hermann/K.Herrmann.

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