Arrival of the Queen of Sheba


Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

An instrumental movement from the 1749 oratorio Solomon by George Frideric Handel, this bright and bustling music is a Baroque favorite, often played at festive occasions. The distinctive Howard Cable brass quintet arrangement, on which this concert band arrangement is based, has long been in the repertory of the Canadian Brass. The group first recorded it for their RCA release Fireworks: Baroque Brass Favorites, and it was more recently recorded for the CD Amazing Brass. (3:45)


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  • Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba

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  • Series : Canadian Brass Concert Band
  • Format :
  • Composer : George Friedrich Handel
  • ISBN :
  • UPC : 073999619720
  • Pages :
  • Width : 9.0"
  • Length : 12.0"

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