Activate! Aug/Sept 06


Activate! Aug/Sept 06

Activate! Aug/Sept 06. (Music, Movement and More! The Music Magazine for Grades K-6). By Kris Kropff. For Games, Unison choir (2-part choir), Orff instruments, Boomwhackers and CD Included. General, Patriotic. Book and CD. Published by Heritage Music Press (AC0806).

Grades K-6 * Jump into “Activate!” with a variety of new and exciting music activities for your students. Start their day off right and sing “The Wrong Side of the Bed Blues”, and get them moving with “Yankee Doodle” and “Brian Boru’s March” folk dances. Explore nature during “All the Leaves are Falling” and while playing “It’s Raining” on a variety of instruments. There are scavenger hunts, word scrambles, crossword puzzles. . .and don’t forget to celebrate Mozart’s birthday!


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  • Vince Lombardi Biography And Fact Search
  • Listening And Identifying (K-2)
  • Movement Copycat (K-2)
  • Robots (3-6)
  • Beat Keeping With Mallets (2-6)
  • Picture This (K-3, Dynamics)
  • Helping Henry (K-3, Tempi)
  • Musical Styles Scramble (K-3)
  • Summer Camp (Notespeller)
  • Band Room Scavenger Hunt (K-3, Instrument Recognition)
  • Composer Scramble (K-3)
  • Happy Birthday Mozart (K-3)
  • Music Symbol Crossword Puzzle (4-6)
  • It All Adds Up (4-6, Note And Rest Values)
  • What’s The Word (4-6, Notespeller)
  • Creative Combinations (4-6, Composing)
  • Happy Birthday Mozart (4-6)
  • Yankee Doodle (2-6)
  • Brian Boru’s March (2-6)
  • Bingo (4-6) Performed by Linda Forrest
  • Coach The Game Performed by Janet Vogt
  • All The Leaves Are Falling Performed by Greg Gilpin
  • Sound Ideas Performed by Kris Kropff
  • Very Nice To Know You (K-3) Performed by Loretta Mitchell
  • Clip The Instrument (4-6, Instrument Recognition) Performed by Artie Almeida
  • Sonata For Seven Rulers (3-6) Performed by Cathy Blair
  • and more!

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